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Steps To Reverse The Aging Process

It’s now 2015 and if you are like me you may have put it out to the universe – you want to become the very best you can be – a shining example of good health – to do good deeds and adopt a more loving nature.

I decided to create this website to inspire others to become a younger you. This is possible by revitalising your internal organs and turning back the clock so to speak. My methodology may be very different from almost anything else you have ever read so fasten your seat belt for you will soon realise that I traverse on a road less travelled to the norm in each moment.

You see by my doing so I have achieved a metabolic age of being 38 years younger than my chronological age which is 67 years (yes, I’m a baby boomer), yet my internal organs, or metabolic age when tested, read as just 25 years!

I am mindful of my thoughts, behaviour, feelings, and the words I speak. Over a period of the last 6-9 months I have begun to see major changes in my life, my attitude, my calmness, and my Law of Attraction has also changed.

This has me feeling young both inside and outside. I enjoy radiant health, I look slim, and have barely a grey hair (they are departing each day). I don’t tire easily;  often working some 8-10 hours some days in the garden. I mostly work in bare feet so as to ground myself which is important for good health and to have that connection with Mother Earth. Gourmet Traditional & Herbal Teas

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