The Real Reason Why You Are Tired All the Time

HINT: It’s probably NOT due to poor diet, a sluggish thyroid, or iron-poor blood, or a sluggish thyroid.

Are you tired every day? Can you get through the afternoon without taking a nap? Is your memory as clear and sharp as it used to be? Do you quickly become depressed over things that never would have bothered you a few years ago?

A good place to start is to have your doctor order a blood test that checks for specific levels of stress hormones.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger says “What you may not know is that you have all the classic symptoms of one of the most overlooked health problems facing Americans today.”

It’s a condition that’s largely ignored by mainstream medicine. Even worse, the few doctors who do recognise it don’t do nearly enough to treat it!

Meanwhile, this condition causes millions of people to suffer from unexplained fatigue … brain fog … depression… food cravings … and low immune function. Allergies, headaches, and difficulty bouncing back from stress are common signs, also.”

The problem is your adrenal glands. These walnut-sized glands produce over 50 different hormones, many of which are essential for energy and stamina, a healthy libido, a strong immune system, and a sharp mind. But the #1 function of your adrenal glands is to help your body deal with stress.

Once your stressful event is over, your adrenaline level drops quickly. Other stress hormones help refuel your body and bring it back into balance. This is fine if the stress you’re dealing with is sudden and short-lived.

Today, modern life has a devastating effect on your adrenal health because you’re faced with stress 24/7.

Such simple things like traffic jams, a difficult commute, long checkout lines, all jolt your adrenal glands. Then factor in environmental toxins, infections, pain, processed foods, insomnia, and allergies, and it’s no wonder why your adrenal glands are crying out for help!

The more stress you experience, the harder your adrenals must work to protect you. All this stimuli month after month, year after year and eventually you’re running on empty.

When your adrenal glands stop working, the first thing you notice is that your symptoms start to intensify. You can’t sleep at night, you feel irritable or depressed and you become forgetful.

Other signs of adrenal fatigue include headaches, especially in the afternoon, weight gain, elevated blood sugar levels, and slow recovery from a cold or flu, etc.

Adrenal failure makes you feel exhausted and it’s a fatigue that isn’t just about feeling tired or sleepy. It’s causes you to feel completely drained — and usually hits around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Little wonder why so many complain of chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, or other health problems actually suffer from overworked adrenals.

Your resiliency, energy, endurance and your very life all depend on healthy adrenal glands.

Adrenal failure affects a huge number of people when you consider society’s insatiable addiction to coffee and energy drinks. Roughly 80% of people experience adrenal fatigue at some point, but mainstream medicine barely knows it exists!

Here’s some good news: adrenal fatigue does not have to be permanent. You can restore your adrenals to perfect health within a few months. Just nourish and strengthen your adrenals while giving them a chance to rest and rebuild.

First, there are four particular nutrients that directly support adrenal function. They work together to help restore and repair your adrenals.

1) It’s one of the most important nutrients for anyone with adrenal failure and also known as …. the “Anti-Stress Vitamin”, vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid).
People with adrenal failure are nearly always deficient in this key nutrient. This member of the “B” family helps increase levels of important stress hormones like cortisol and progesterone.

Another thing pantothenic acid does is relieve that extra anxiety you feel when you’re “stressed out”. This is because it helps boost dopamine levels in the brain, the feel good hormone that improves your state of mind.

Pantothenic acid is also one of the best nutrients for cellular energy production. So it can help your heart and your brain get the fuel they need to do their job every day – while keeping your entire body energized, too.

While pantothenic acid is the first recommendation for supporting adrenal health, you should also know about this additional re-energizing “partner.”

Keep stress hormones in healthy balance — naturally!
Licorice root is a rich source of a compound called glycyrrhizin, which gets converted to glycyrrhetinic acid (GA) in the intestine. GA helps slow down the body’s breakdown of cortisol, giving your adrenals extra support.

What’s more, Licorice root also balances levels of aldosterone, an adrenal hormone that helps keep your blood pressure, fluid levels and electrolytes in balance.

When aldosterone gets too high, your blood pressure skyrockets and your potassium levels decline. This causes muscle aches and numbness in your hands and feet.

But when aldosterone gets too low — which is common in many people with adrenal problems — your blood pressure plummets. This leads to palpitations, dizziness when you stand up, and overall fatigue. So licorice root keeps you more in balance and better able to cope during times of stress. It soothes nervous stomachs, too.

As you can see, pantothenic acid and licorice root can have a profound impact on your adrenal health and energy levels. There’s also a third nutrient that’s crucial for keeping adrenals in top-notch form. Yet you’ll rarely find it in any adrenal formula.

Did You know that overworked adrenals affect liver function also?

It’s true. When you protect your liver, you boost the health of your entire body, but especially, your adrenal glands.

Constant exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, food chemicals and air pollution means your liver and adrenals are constantly fighting off toxins.

Glandular therapy — also known as live cell therapy — has a history that goes back as far as the Ancient Greeks, and it’s still used in TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine). But it became popular in modern medicine about 100 years ago, when Swiss doctor Paul Niehands found that dried thyroid gland could help an under-active thyroid and dried adrenal gland likewise could relieve Addison’s Disease.

Some research centers have once again begun studying the effects of glandular extracts, and especially their effects on the immune system. When your adrenals aren’t producing enough hormones, supplementing with adrenal cortex extract gives your glands the basic raw materials they need to jump-start adrenal function.

Pantothenic acid, Adrenal Root, Adrenal Cortex and Licorice Root are the four top nutrients for helping repair and restore adrenal failure.

In order for the adrenals to really improve, you have to protect yourself against the constant onslaught of stress. This means eating a healthy diet with no sugars or stimulants. It also means reducing pain, getting enough sleep, and doing some light exercise.

It’s also wise to take adaptogens — herbal compounds that can be both energising and calming; they protect the immune system and fight off infections. Adaptogens function according to what your body needs in the moment.

The first adaptogen is an age-old herb that TCM used for centuries as a revitalising tonic for kidney, lung, and heart problems is Cordyceps.

Scientists discovered that cordyceps increases energy, stamina and physical performance. ATP is the molecule your body uses to store energy. One study found that cordyceps increased ATP in the cells by a whopping 55% and improve the way your body utilizes oxygen. One study found that cordyceps increases oxygen absorption by 40%.

If you tend to catch colds easily or if they hang around for a long time when you do, Cordyceps can deliver the extra protection you need.

Also known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero helps protect against stress by helping your adrenal glands produce stress hormones more effectively. Here’s how.

When you face a “flight or fight” situation, your adrenal glands pump out cortisol and adrenaline. But once these hormones are depleted, your body can no longer fight and becomes exhausted. What eleuthero does is allow a slower, more efficient release of stress hormones — so your body doesn’t become so tired.

How well does eleuthero work? In one recent study, scientists decided to measure the effects of eleuthero on stress response in 45 men and women. First, all the volunteers were asked to take a very difficult memory test, while scientists measured their blood pressure. Sure enough, the stress of taking the test caused both heart rate and blood pressure to dramatically increase in every volunteer.

Then, half the group was asked to take eleuthero, and half took a placebo. After 30 days, the entire group took the test again.

Research shows that eleuthero can increase alertness, boost immunity, and improve athletic performance. In fact, Soviet athletes and cosmonauts used eleuthero to keep up their energy and stamina.

It also regulates certain neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are important in decreasing Anxiety, improving sleep and reducing irritability.

A remarkable herb, eleuthero. But that’s not all. I also want to tell you about another remarkable adaptogen—that’s also very powerful—especially when it comes to adrenal health.

The Centuries-Old Nutrient That Relieves Grinding Fatigue, Anxiety and More…

Ashwagandha is an East Indian herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 2,000 years. Traditional healers used it as a whole-body energy tonic. And modern clinical trials show that ashwaganda can also ease tension and fatigue .… increase concentration … and boost overall

Ashwagandha is so effective because it helps the body process stress, rather than just masking it. As a result, your adrenals don’t have to work as hard. Here’s how.

Ashwagandha increases DHEA. DHEA is the “feel good” hormone that’s critical for jumpstarting hormone balance. It’s also the precursor to sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone which are important for libido and for keeping your muscles strong.

In one clinical trial, people taking ashwagandha reported higher energy levels, better sleep and increased feelings of well-being. What’s more, blood sugar levels decreased — and cortisol plunged by 26%!

Ashwagandha also reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. That’s important, since high levels of cortisol trigger many stress-related health problems. These include elevated blood pressure, weight gain and memory problems.

And as far as that nervous stomach you get when you’re under stress, ashwagandha can help there, too. In some studies, it’s shown to be as effective as some conventional remedies for relieving anxiety.

Ashwagandha is an essential part of any adrenal-health program, along with the 6 other nutrients mentioned above.

Listen: Adrenal fatigue is running rampant in today’s society. It’s a root cause of fatigue, memory loss, weight gain and even blood sugar problems.

In order to keep your adrenals in top working form — and help your body deal with stress over the long run — try to decrease as much of the stress in your life that you can. Eat better. Stay away from coffee and energy drinks and go to bed earlier.

You need the full support of all 7 of these powerful nutrients.

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