These are common household items which are required to be intermittently checked for ourselves and our family’s safety:
1. Use FUEL STABILISERS to keep it longer. In around 90 days petrol and ethanol separate and after 6 months it expires (maybe a year).
2. Old FLOUR not kept airtight (except wheat, are preferably kept in the refrigerator) can contain weevils.
3. Ensure FILTERS are always clean in heating/cooling units. Replace these every year.
4. Fire and carbon monoxide ALARMS/DETECTORS: Not just batteries, but older smoke/fire detectors don’t work as well as new ones. All smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years according to the National Fire Protection Association.
5. POWER STRIPS/power leads for multiple items plug into these: These are the leading cause of electrical fires in the home. They go bad after about 7 years and are the most likely household item to cause an electrical fire.
6. HELMETS: Manufacturers recommend replacing them every 3-5 years or after a serious trauma.
7. BATTERIES: Left in storage they can corrode, start to leak and ruin expensive electronics. Take them to a hazardous waste site for disposal (Aldi collect them).
8. PERFUME: Essential oils denature and the scent changes. Around 3-4 years is the maximum. If you’ve not finished the bottle, toss it out.
9. ALCOHOL WIPES: quickly dry out due to diffusion.
10. RUBBER BANDS: eventually lose elasticity and go brittle.

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