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Understanding our Body

I thought I’d share my story so you may, if you wish, emulate some of my ideas which are not commonly known It’s taken me some time to develop this formula for a healthy life of youthevity.

I am aware of the miraculous ability of our body and how it can rebuild each and every part of us in less than 12 months. It takes the following time frame to renew:

A new brain = 1 year                 An entire skeleton  = 3 months
New DNA     = 2 months           A new liver               = 6 weeks
New skin      = 1 month             New stomach lining = 5 days!

Experience has taught me that a Nutri Bullet with its cyclonic action makes the best smoothie. I use my Nutri Bullet with its 3 non-PBF containers to make beautiful wholesome, raw, nourishing smoothies.

Through the day I carry Kefir water.  It is vital to stay well hydrated;  we are after all 80% water. Kefir is a wonderful probiotic.

It is quoted that out of 40,000 or more herbs currently used worldwide, there are perhaps only 50-60 of them that are what we call superherbs. Dr. Eric Braverman recommends we need at least 12 herbs every day, plus over 120 nutrients (some of which include enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, a good probiotic, and the 8 essential fatty acids, iodine, B12) to sustain our health and wellbeing – otherwise we breakdown. Herb, Spice, Coffee, Tea, Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Accessories

Redefine the History of Chocolate

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