Olive Leaf Extract & Hypoglycemia/Diabetes

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Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain found that extract from the olive leaf could have a significant effect on the management of blood sugar levels. The authors of the study stated, “The hypoglycemic activity of olive leaf was studied. One of the compounds responsible for this activity was oleuropeoside, which showed activity at a dose of 16mg/kg. This compound also demonstrated antidiabetic activity in animals with alloxan-induced diabetes.

The hypoglycemic activity of this compound may result from two mechanisms :
(a) potentiation of glucose-induced insulin release; and
(b) increased peripheral uptake of glucose (Gonzalez et al., 513). In other words, the researchers hypothesise that oleuropein could stimulate the production of insulin (which plays a key role in the utilisation of blood sugar) or in the enhancement of utilisation of sugar in the extremities (outer areas of the body).

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