Simple Steps to Reverse Aging

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Starting The Reversal of the Aging Process

There are some really easy and simple things I have done to start the reversal of the ageing process. I know a lot of you are strapped for time and can’t sit for hours reading the latest research and deciphering through the sophistry (lies) to find truth. I have been able to, thus far, achieve reverse aging, and I wish to continue to further turn back the biological clock.  To do this, I do what most others are not doing, and that’s what I am enthusiastically working on now and will share with you over time.

I am my own guinea pig. I have always thought out of the box and asked myself lots of questions and never believed everything I heard or read. I now am so pleased I had the presence of mind to do this on my own personal crusade to find my truth and I would encourage every person to find their own truth.

I have an attitude of gratitude.  I know it’s been said before, but if you would like good things in your life then you need to be grateful for the things you already have – after all if you’re reading this you already have many things to be grateful for.  Such as:  you are obviously breathing and you have the ability to read, access to a computer/iphone and the wear-with-all to use it.  Maybe you have a glass of water beside you, or a smoothie, and maybe if you’re really lucky, a healthy snack.

I found a remarkable alternative healing modality about 9 months ago – FasterEFT with Robert Smith, the founder. This is truly wonderful and eliminates so much of our baggage;  emotional, physical, trauma, illnesses, so that the closet is emptied and we become lighter and happy for no good reason.  You can play the u-tubes and tap along with Robert, and believe me, you will notice or feel the changes taking place and you won’t have the reactions you previously had.  It’s effective/transforming and it works.  Why not give it a try -it’s free.

I am mindful to monitor my thoughts, actions and deeds – after all you become what you think about. Our world can be such a negative place and I knew that if I was going to change my body I had to raise my vibration, so many years ago I stopped watching television, reading newspapers or magazines, and listening to the radio. Instead I listen/watch inspirational CDs and DVDs.  I research new “super” products, new science breakthroughs that are health related, healing modalities, and I only read non fiction books.

I choose my friends carefully – negative and angry people have no place in my life. My closest friends have a similar open heart and open minded approach to living.  I am on a quest to be the best I can b and to be of service to help others, in a holistic way,  on their journey to greater wellbeing and vitality. Many of you may find it difficult to shake those energy zapping friends and family members, but the truth is,  like attracts like, and if you change you will change those around you or they will simply move on.

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